Clear communication is essential in our day to day lives. Most English users who are not native English speakers and have never lived in any English-speaking country have foreign accents. While some people find accents attractive because of stereotypes, it may make speech hard for many native speakers to understand. If you feel like your accent hinders your professional and social position, hiring an accent coach might just be what you need. At AccentAccurate, we offer speech modification training to help clients attain the speech clarity needed for effective communication. With our skilled instructors, you will be able to speak absolutely correctly, clearly, expressively, and confidently.

FAQs about Our Accent Coaching Services

Whether you've always dreamt of losing your foreign accent or just moved into an English speaking country, the best thing would be to get a speech coach. Here are some FAQs to help you understand what to expect from our services.

Why Work with Our Accent Coach?

<p">Learning how to get rid of an accent requires a lot of hard work and persistence. Working with our professional dialect coach will ensure your needs are met since you'll get a personalized program that suits you. At AccentAccurate, we custom-design speech coaching plans for clients based on the evaluation of their pronunciations and intonations. Moreover, you can access private coaching, which you can schedule at a time that is most convenient for you.

What Makes A Good Accent Coach?

Besides finding an available and affordable accent coach, you'll need one with experience and knowledge of respiratory and vocal anatomy and with expertise in transcribing spoken language. Our leading speech coaches are equipped with the skills required to produce excellent results. We have an experienced team, starting with our founder Naomi Shiloh a speech pathologist who holds over 25 years of experience.

How Long Does Accent Reduction Take?

The time it takes for pronunciation lessons depends on many factors such as the level of your speech clarity, the amount of time you put into learning, and the type of coaching program you enroll in. At AccentAccurate, our accent modification program packages include 12 weekly sessions, which are extensible for clients who want to keep working on their communication skills and accents.

How Well Should I Know English?

Accent modification is most recommended for clients whose speech is intermediate or above in ESL (English as a Second Language) terms. If your speech is below the intermediate level, we recommend taking ESL classes to improve your grammar, English vocabulary, and sentence construction before pursuing accent reduction.

How Will I Know The Program Best Suited For Me?

​As one of the leading accent modification service providers, we at AccentAccurate provide free consultation for clients. From there, we'll be able to understand your objectives and recommend the best coaching seminar for your needs. Our English accent coach is unexcelled. So, you're assured of getting second to none results.

We Are at Your Service

​Whether it's for your voice acting career or effective socializing, hiring the best accent modification service is key to meeting your long-term communication goals. With our top-rated services, you can learn how to lose an accent and eventually get rid of it with the help of our accent coach.

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