Accent Coaching

There's a joy that comes with being able to speak and be understood by others. Most people with English as their second or third language have accents, which mostly affects their socializing or professional lives in foreign, English-speaking countries. Deciding that you need accent coaching is the first step towards achieving your communication goals. The next and very crucial step is finding a top-rated English accent coach to help you work on your accent. At AccentAccurate, we have the finest accent reduction coaches to help you improve your English language quality.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Accent Coach

knowing how hard it is to find a good accent modification service, here are a few factors to add to your checklist when searching for the right accent coach.

1. Your Goals

Your goals will determine the kind of dialect coach you need. When setting your goals and objectives, it's essential to know that total accent elimination is not realistic. As such, come up with objectives that align with your needs. Whether you need people to understand you, to relate better with co-workers, or improve your voice acting career, AccentAccurate got you covered. With our team of professionals, we can help you achieve confidence when communicating through our personalized accent modification programs.

2. Skills and Experience

When it comes to choosing an accent modification coach, their skill is the most crucial aspect to consider. This extends beyond a coach's expertise due to experience; it also includes their education in the field. Our team of instructors has the professional qualifications to guide and train your speech, starting with our founder Naomi Shiloh who has a B.S in communication disorders and M.S in speech-language pathology. Moreover, we at AccentAccurate, are passionate about communication and have extensive skills in speech therapy.

3. Do They Offer Online Coaching and What Are The Available Options?

Are lessons online or face to face? While physical coaching is the best way to achieve your accent modification goals, it's sometimes unnecessary, especially if the best speech training services are not available at your location. When searching for an accent coach, it's a good idea to find one who flexible enough to provide both online and face-to-face training. That's precisely us at AccentAccurate. We have distance learning programs while ensuring customized sessions and immediate feedback on your pronunciation and speech.

Typically, most accent modification services are offered by different kinds of professionals such as speech-language pathologists, English as Second Language Instructors, and speech coaches. It's important to understand your English speaking level to determine the kind of services you need. After a consultation and evaluation with us on how to lose an accent, we can help you determine the speech training services that suit you.

Best in Class Speech Coach

Be heard, be understood. This is what we are all about. Your search for the leading speech coach ends with us. You can enroll for our private accent coaching or enjoy working with other learners in your journey towards accent clarity.

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