American English Accent Training

Consider AccentAccurate for your American English accent training- our coaching makes all the difference in how others will perceive your speech. Clear speaking comes from professional feedback and accent modification, which we are able to provide to our students through private, semi-private, and group coaching sessions. We are pleased to offer accent reduction seminars, as well. Browse the resources on our site to learn more about our services or contact AccentAccurate with your questions.

What is Accent Reduction Training and Who Can Benefit From It?

Ask yourself this simple question: Can you naturally change your accent? If you’ve tried to do the work on your own but haven’t noticed any difference in how well others understand you, coaching classes from AccentAccurate can help. Indications that your foreign accent is hindering your communication include:

  • People around you or on the phone unable to understand what you’re saying
  • Repeated requests to repeat yourself
  • You avoid speaking in group conversations
  • English is your second or third language

What is Accent Modification Therapy?

You may not be aware that your foreign accent is what’s making it difficult for other people to understand you. An accent can put emphasis on words in the wrong place so that others listening to you struggle to keep up while you speak. American English accent training can make it easier for you to understand where the emphasis belongs in words that are important for sentence comprehension. We have an affordable option for every budget, whether you prefer partner coaching, private coaching, or small group coaching.​

What is Accent Reduction Training?

Reducing the impact your accent has on sentence structure is the first and most important step in speaking American English well. Most of our students at AccentAccurate are unable to identify problematic areas of their speech patterns on their own; in fact, it usually takes the keen ear of a trainer to help students pinpoint accent issues and reduce the amplification of their accent in speech. Once you notice how your accent is hindering others from comprehending what you say, you’ll start to see a big improvement.​

How Can I Improve My Accent?

At AccentAccurate, we strongly recommend feedback from peers, friends, and our private coaches as the best way to improve speech patterns and reduce your accent. A professional evaluation of your sound pronunciation by our staff is the first step. Private coaching lessons are customized and tailored to your needs, allowing you to discover how your native language creates an American English accent- and how to overcome its impact. Receiving immediate feedback on pronunciation is crucial for success.

Contact AccentAccurate with your questions about accent reduction coaching- we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in improving your American English speech patterns and give you confidence to speak at every opportunity, whether it’s during a private conversation with a friend, at corporate get-togethers, over the phone, or among business peers. Request a free consultation with our staff to find a program that’s right for you. American English accent training at AccentAccurate is always affordable.