Corporate-Sponsored Accent Training

Are you looking for ways to boost confidence and enhance communication among your leadership staff?

Our tailored accent training program is designed specifically for companies looking to empower international members of their team through improved communication. This service will allow for confident and clear speaking in client interactions, important presentations, and internal team discussions.


Investing in communication skills is an investment in career growth.

Whether you're an individual looking to advance or a company aiming to empower your leaders, our curriculum is designed to elevate professional communication, opening doors to new opportunities and successes.

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How American Accent Training with AccentAccurate Works

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) separates language into two parts: segmentals, which are the individual sounds of the consonants and vowels; and suprasegmentals, which are features of speech, such as stress, intonation, pitch, timing/rhythm, and loudness. AccentAccurate accent coaching begins by assessing both these areas of your speech and tailors the accent reduction program to meet your needs. Following ASHA guidelines, Accent Accurate incorporates a variety of strategies, including listening and imitating, phonetic training, minimal pair drill, visual aids, practice of vowel production, and altering stress patterns, as needed.

AccentAccurate American accent training is highly individualized to your individual needs. Clients typically start with our 14-week accent training program, which includes an accent evaluation and 12 accent coaching sessions. However, some opt to extend their coaching, while others find that the 14-week program is sufficient for their needs. Although everyone’s rate of progress is different, consistent attendance at training sessions and ongoing practice between sessions are vital to the success of your accent training program.