ESL Accent Training

Accents should never be a reason for embarrassment because they add personality to a person. However, it helps when you can speak more with more than one so you can blend into different cultures and social circles. It is usual for us to meet students who are dire in learning ways to let other people understand them.

Most people start by asking whether they can learn accent reduction. The accent alteration is helpful and invaluable to people who may want to eliminate their native accent or embody the American one to soften their speech at appropriate times.

Remember that the history of the country only determines the main accent. It is possible that America would have the African-American accent as its native accent had it experienced further development. However, accent modification is about focusing on principles that will make you a better speaker in society's desired niche.

Everything you need to know about ESL accent training

Teach listening

Can you naturally change your accent? Students can't make the right sounds when they do not hear our teachers speak. Teaching proper pronunciation begins when we make the right sounds during class. We help students distinguish different sounds with several vocal pieces of training.

Minimal pairs

Minimal pairs are words that have a difference of only one sound. Teaching English allows students to hear the differences and learn how they can distinguish the words.

Cultural patterns

What is accent modification therapy? Speakers of the same native language will share the same predictable mistakes. We know that Spanish speakers will struggle with the letter ‘i’ while Japanese speakers will work with ‘r.’ We make it better to learn a language by grouping you into a class with students who share your cultural, linguistic struggles. You can also learn privately when with the same attention to help you overcome your native tongue obstacles.


We all know that babies learn best by listening and imitating adults. Our students have platforms for them to imitate our sounds and tones.

Manage anxiety

Anxiety is the primary blockage preventing growth. You cannot create a mental pattern when you cannot get past the intense emotions of fear. Our job goes beyond the class because we bring you in with an educative consultation of each process. We help you choose the right program by evaluating your needs. Ms. Shiloh is exceptionally skilled in teaching students who have a preference or native disposition of the American or Israeli accent.

Balancing the language

What is accent reduction training? Most speech therapists get to hang up on accents, while students make the mistake of wanting to eradicate the accent. ESL walks the fine line of addressing pronouncing issues in English. The ultimate goal is to help students communicate with clarity without focusing on reducing the native accent.


It is not prudent to throw in any tutorial into the course. We use common sense and discretion when creating video clips to show students. Therefore, we will often use instructions that prioritize Israeli-English speech training.

How can I improve my accent? The Internet is a helpful resource, and Accent Accurate is the best teacher for offline workshops and sessions. Talk to us to get a personalized coaching system for your ESL accent training.