Israeli Accent Trainer

Communication is a very important tool whether at home, work, school, social or official gatherings. Being able to pass a message in a way that it will be properly understood by the receiver is what communication is.

Some factors affect communication, one of which is the voice. Your accent also affects how you sound.

Your accent can influence a lot of things such as how people see you, how well they can hear you, how comfortable they are working or talking to you.

This implies that your accent affects both your social and professional life and can influence career success.

The great thing is that a new accent can be learned. With the help of a professional Israeli accent trainer, you can learn to speak in the common accent used at work, school, or in your community.

Our Accent Coach

We have an experienced and qualified Israeli accent trainer that can improve your communication skill.

Naomi Shiloh has an instinct for sounds, language, and voice with a solid knowledge of grammar and speech.


Naomi Shiloh grew up loving languages, the intricacies, and the beauty of different languages. She has always been interested in the importance of communication.

With a lot of native and foreign languages and accents used by different people, she has discovered the power of languages and communication.

Education and Training

She didn't stop at just being interested in the beauty of languages. She went further to get a solid education in communication and languages.

She has a B.S. in communication disorders from Tel Aviv University. In her quest to gain more education, she also went to Boston University for an M.S. in speech-language pathology qualifying her as a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Experience and Reputation

Naomi Shiloh, MSCCC-SLP has over 25 years of experience in the speech and language industry. She has worked with many students and is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Israel.

She is a lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Due to her passion for language and helping people overcome language problems she has done a series of training in accent modifications and has gained a lot of experience.

She holds a TQUK Level 5 certificate in teaching English as a foreign language with a great reputation among colleagues as well as students.


The combination of her passion, background, education, training, and experience has equipped her with the knowledge needed for effective accent help.

She will help you improve your working knowledge of American English, master the art of speaking American English, with the right pronunciation and American accent.

Strong Israeli accents may affect the chances of getting better employment or other opportunities. Getting an Israeli accent coach will help you to speak and communicate better.

With the right amount of training and with a suitable accent trainer you can improve your communication skill and increase your chance at a successful career.

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