Improve your speech patterns and reduce your foreign accent with online English language pronunciation coaching from AccentAccurate. If people around you struggle to understand what you’re saying or you’re constantly having to repeat yourself over the phone or in group conversations, we can help you speak clearly and intently with accent modification training. Coaching costs a lot less than you probably think, and the good news is, you’ll see improvements in a short amount of time with accent modification.

How to Choose a Speech Course

English as a Second language classes abound in community colleges and academies throughout the US- but in-class language training may not be the best setting, depending on your goals. Our online English language pronunciation sessions are more personal, so you’ll have more control over how fast you want to see improvements. Choose your level of engagement:

  • Private one-on-one coaching sessions with our accent specialists, scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Partner coaching, which will allow you to work and learn with someone at a similar ESL level.

  • Small group coaching, which offers the feel of a classroom, but with more emphasis on individual attention to each student. Participate in group critique and feedback.

  • Seminars that are more like a classroom setting but far more affordable than most ESL courses.

Who Benefits From Online English language Pronunciation Courses?

Anyone with a noticeable accent can benefit from our coaching sessions. If you’ve typed any of the following questions into a search engine, we can answer your questions and assist you in selecting the right online class:

  • How can I improve my accent?

  • What is accent reduction training?

  • What is accent modification therapy?

  • Can you naturally change your accent?

  • Can others detect my accent?

  • What tips can help me speak clearly?

  • Will I ever lose my foreign accent?

  • Is it possible to overcome an accent?

Our Experts Can Come to You

AccentAccurate can schedule a presentation with one of our accent reduction coaches at your workplace or school and tailor our presentation to help you achieve your goals. In our workshops, students learn how accent modification differs from ESL classes- and why they’re more advantageous to students. If you employ non-native workers who struggle to interact or engage with coworkers or employers, our workshops can make a big difference, and they can reduce costly turnover.

Which Program is Right For You?

Contact AccentAccurate for a free consultation and we’ll assess your goals & skills, then recommend a program that is perfectly suited to you. Don’t allow your accent to get in the way of promotions at work, friendships in your community, or everyday conversations that make life more enjoyable. Online English language pronunciation is the most affordable way to see results quickly; others will notice the improvement right from the start.

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