Consider the many advantages of hiring an English pronunciation teacher to help you improve your accent- now think about what it would mean if you could work one-on-one with a coach online instead of having to travel to a classroom. AccentAccurate is pleased to offer our students the convenience and affordability of accent modification coaching through private, semi-private, and group sessions; Webinars and on-site workshops are available, as well. Browse our resources to find out how to fast-track your English pronunciation to make it easier for others to understand you.

5 Benefits of Utilizing Our English Pronunciation Teacher Services

1. If you can naturally change your accent without any outside support, you wouldn’t need the help of a professional; however, experts report that the vast majority of those who speak English as a second language never overcome a thick accent, which can prevent others from hearing them clearly. If you’ve tried to improve your speech patterns on your own without success, AccentAccurate can help you achieve success in a short time-frame.

2. Compared with a classroom setting, like the one you’ll typically find in a community college or academy, our online coaching sessions are more affordable. We can offer you a greater value in terms of seeing results in a shorter amount of time- with rates geared toward every budget. If you thought you couldn’t afford accent modification, make a phone call to one of our accent specialists today.

3. Your English pronunciation teacher will be honest and open with you about your accent following a thorough evaluation and assessment. Your friends and coworkers may tell you that your accent is charming or even appealing, but the fact is that your accent can prevent you from getting a promotion at work or making new friends in your community. The charm of a foreign accent quickly disappears once those around you notice they are unable to understand you clearly. Our coaches will work with you to overcome such barriers in conversation.

4. We can answer your questions for you before you enroll in coaching sessions. See our FAQs section or call us if you’re looking for answers to any of the following questions:

  • What is accent reduction training?

  • What is accent modification therapy?

  • How can I improve my accent?

  • Are English pronunciation classes worth the cost?

  • What is the difference between ESL and accent modification?

  • How soon will I see an improvement from coaching?

5. The quality of our coaching sessions is second to none- you’ll see a high return on your investment when you choose accent modification through AccentAccurate. See what students say about our sessions when you read reviews and testimonials on the Web, then contact us for more information when you’re ready to get started.

Hiring an English pronunciation teacher could be the best decision you make this year in terms of taking control over your foreign accent. Our sessions are excellent as a stand-alone method of improving speech patterns and are also a terrific choice for students already enrolled in ESL.