Accent Reduction Training for International Professionals

Because you deserve to be heard and understood.

Is English your second or third language?

Is your accent holding you back from achieving your goals?

Is your career impacted by a strong foreign accent?

Accent Modification Training ensures listeners focus on what you say, not on how you say it.

Why Accent Training?

Accent training is crucial for overcoming communication barriers that may arise due to accents. Whether you or your collegue has encountered challenges at work or experienced misunderstandings, our program is here to support you. Our goal is to create a space where you can confidently address these challenges, improve your communication skills, and navigate interactions with ease.

Who Is Accent Training For?

We provide coaching to individuals of diverse backgrounds who are looking to improve their American English pronunciation. Our one-on-one coaching is conducted virtually, so it is accessible to individuals nationwide and internationally.


Why AccentAccurate?

We don't view accent reduction as a correction or something you need to change about yourself. It's an empowering, personal journey crafted specifically for you and what you're looking to achieve. With over 25 years of experience as a speech therapist, Naomi Shiloh is eager to lead you through the steps needed to reach your goals. Every success story is a testament to the passion Naomi brings to accent training. With a thoughtful curriculum and specialized teaching approach, Naomi prioritizes an unwavering commitment to her client's successes.



Accent Reduction Coaching For Professionals

Enhance your communication skills and achieve career growth with personalized accent reduction coaching designed to meet your specific needs.


Corporate-Sponsored Accent Reduction Coaching

Empower your management team with corporate-sponsored accent reduction coaching to improve communication and foster professional development.

Client Testimonials

"I am a Pilates teacher and I came to Naomi in order to improve the precision and clarity of my Pilates instructions. Before working with Naomi, I would constantly search for clearer and more concise explanations, and I realized that I needed her professional help. Since working with Naomi, my directions are shorter, more practical and much more concise than before. The attendance to most of my classes are now full and there is a growing waiting list. The sessions with Naomi have been a great help!"

- Pilates Instructor, Native Norwegian Speaker, Holon, Israel

"I’m french and I’ve been drawn towards English for a good 10 years, both for personal and professional reasons. I feel like I brought my vocabulary, grammar and general pronunciation to a satisfying level, but I always felt an insurmountable wall to be really understood.

Accent Accurate brought the solution: English is not a phonetic language, and as a consequence, working on intonation, consonant and vowels is just as important as grammar! (maybe sometimes even more important).

The sessions have been really satisfying, dense and professional.
In a recent trip to the US I really felt the difference in my confidence in English. I know that I’m way more likely to be understood, and I even noticed some benefits in how I understand.
If the English language is important to you, I highly recommend the Accent Accurate program!"

- Business Owner, Native French Speaker, Paris, France

"I had an accent session with Naomi from AccentAccurate and was impressed how little things like better pronouncing and accenting the correct syllable stress, slowing down the speed of speach, and adding pauses can make my speech more understandable and help me convey my ideas in a better way. I strongly recommend this service!"

- Translator/Web Developer, Native Bulgarian speaker, Bulgaria

"Naomi is an amazing and highly professional accent coach! Once I decided to work with Naomi, the first step in her process was to do a complete accent evaluation, so that the accent coaching would be tailored specifically to my own individual needs. Since I work with clients from around the world, it's crucial for me to speak clearly and be a confident speaker, so that I can communicate well with my clients. Thanks to Naomi, I learned about glides, step changes, pitch, stress, and more. Thank you, Naomi, your work is truly fantastic!"
- Talent Acquisition Expert and coach, Native Latvian speaker, Riga, Latvia

Naomi is an excellent instructor. She pays attention to small details. It was a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended."

– Physician, New Haven, native Bengali speaker

"Book your sessions now! You won't regret it. Naomi is an amazing language coach and a lovely person to talk to. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the content of every lesson as well as the teaching process. You will be provided with abundant course material, numerous ways to practice and improve. I feel so lucky to have had Naomi as my coach. The improvement has been obvious to people around me, and I look forward to continuing the learning journey with her!"

– Graduate Student, Yale University, native Chinese Speaker

“Working together on my accent with Naomi was a wonderful and constructive experience. Excellent results. I recommended 100 %”

– CEO, New Haven, native Spanish speaker