Talent Acquisition Expert & Coach

Native Latvian speaker, Riga, Latvia

"Naomi is an amazing and highly professional accent coach! Once I decided to work with Naomi, the first step in her process was to do a complete accent evaluation, so that the accent coaching would be tailored specifically to my own individual needs. Since I work with clients from around the world, it's crucial for me to speak clearly and be a confident speaker, so that I can communicate well with my clients. Thanks to Naomi, I learned about glides, step changes, pitch, stress, and more. Thank you, Naomi, your work is truly fantastic!"

Hotel Manager

Native Jamaican English Speaker, New Haven, CT

"Naomi has been patient, professional, and knowledgeable, and she taught me a great deal about American English pronunciation. The skills she taught me benefit me greatly in my work and in my personal life. If you're looking to improve your accent and communication skills, I highly recommend Naomi Shiloh and AccentAccurate."

Rev. Thomas McKenna

Philadelphia, PA

"These are my very positive thoughts about Naomi Shiloh of AccentAccurate. Naomi is working with one of our seminarians who is not a native English speaker. She does an excellent job motivating him to understand the principles of the American English accent and pronunciation. He enthusiastically spends time between his sessions doing the exercises assigned to him for home practice.

The seminarian’s progress has been impressive. A new priest recently joined the parish where he works, giving him a nice opportunity to practice the English pronunciation and intonation he is learning. The priest mentioned that he understands the seminarian’s speech much better than when they first met. The seminarian even feels he is understanding the priest’s speech better since working with Naomi.

I highly recommend Naomi’s program to any non-native English speakers who want to make sure their listeners clearly understand what they’re saying."

Mary Howard

Program Director, ELab NYC, Accelerator for Biosciences in CT, Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator, Next Milestone

"Naomi Shiloh is a talented professional who made a concrete difference for our programs, training science researchers to communicate in English with their business audiences. I highly recommend Naomi to individuals or organizations seeking to offer accent coaching to science researchers."

Physician-Scientist and Entrepreneur

Native Chinese Speaker, New York

"What Naomi taught me went beyond English language learning and accent training. My presentations have improved, I’m able to use virtual platforms such as Zoom much better, and I’ve received positive feedback from others about my improvement in speaking. Naomi is patient, helpful and encouraging and she always follows up to make sure that everything is understood. I look forward to continuing my sessions with her in the future."

Director of a Prominent City Church

Philadelphia, PA

"I would recommend Naomi‘s services to anyone who needs help being clearly understood in English. She delivers services that change people’s lives by improving their communication skills, not just their accent.

Naomi worked with two members of my clergy team, one Vietnamese and the other Mexican; both had different communication issues. Naomi carefully and skillfully tailored her services to fit their needs, and I was privileged to see their growth and improvement over the months of hard work. Seeing my two teammates become more accepted and self-confident in the dominant, English speaking culture has been a great thing to witness and the whole church noticed their growth."

Market Development Director at a Medical Device Company

Branford, MA, Native Spanish Speaker

"I wish I’d started 15 years ago! After working with Naomi for a number of months, I already feel a big difference. People don’t ask me to repeat myself as much, and I’ve learned how to listen to my own voice and self-correct. My colleagues commented on my progress and I feel so much more confident!

Recently, I created a presentation for work, and realized how much the tools I’ve received from AccentAccurate have helped me. I told Naomi, "This is so helpful! I love it – and I’ll never let you go!"


Decatur, GA, Native Portuguese Speaker

"Naomi and Accent Accurate did a great job helping me with my accent! Learning a second language is hard, and they gave me a lot of help."

Graduate Student

Yale University, Native Chinese Speaker

"Book your sessions now! You won't regret it. Naomi is an amazing language coach and a lovely person to talk to. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the content of every lesson as well as the teaching process. You will be provided with abundant course material, numerous ways to practice and improve. I feel so lucky to have had Naomi as my coach. The improvement has been obvious to people around me, and I look forward to continuing the learning journey with her!"


New Haven, Native Spanish speaker

“Working together on my accent with Naomi was a wonderful and constructive experience. Excellent results. I recommended 100%”


New Haven, Native Bengali Speaker

"Naomi is an excellent instructor. She pays attention to small details. It was a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended."

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yale University, Native Chinese speaker

“This is a really helpful course. Naomi is definitely an expert in the field. She has helped me improve my pronunciation (vowels and consonants), fluent speaking (linking and intonation), and more. She is also an expert with interview preparation and helped me prepare for my job interview. I really appreciate it. I've already completed two 12-session packages, and I'm hoping to complete one more 12-session package. Really helpful!”

Business Owner

Native French Speaker, Paris, France

"I’m french and I’ve been drawn towards English for a good 10 years, both for personal and professional reasons. I feel like I brought my vocabulary, grammar and general pronunciation to a satisfying level, but I always felt an insurmountable wall to be really understood.

Accent Accurate brought the solution: English is not a phonetic language, and as a consequence, working on intonation, consonant and vowels is just as important as grammar! (maybe sometimes even more important).

The sessions have been really satisfying, dense and professional.
In a recent trip to the US I really felt the difference in my confidence in English. I know that I’m way more likely to be understood, and I even noticed some benefits in how I understand.
If the English language is important to you, I highly recommend the Accent Accurate program!"

Translator/Web Developer

Native Bulgarian Speaker, Bulgaria

"I had an accent session with Naomi from AccentAccurate and was impressed how little things like better pronouncing and accenting the correct syllable stress, slowing down the speed of speach, and adding pauses can make my speech more understandable and help me convey my ideas in a better way. I strongly recommend this service!"